Book one in the written in blood series

Potential triggers:

  • Death of a loved one.
  • Sexual assault (not the Main character).
  • Violence.
  • Murder. Torture.
  • Kidnapping.
  • Arson.
  • Child abuse (flashbacks).
  • Mental conditioning.
  • Mentions of drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Child abandonment

Keep scrolling down for more details but there may be spoilers ahead.

More details:

If you would like more details, or feel more comfortable reading books with spoilers, please keep reading but there may be small spoilers from this point onwards. I have tried to keep most of the major plot points quiet so you should still find the book enjoyable.

Death of a loved one.

Without going into too much detail, the premise is a murder mystery. Maria was a well loved member of the community, loved like a mother by Nyx the FMC. Jason, another POV, loved Maria, and had a relationship with her that he wanted to be more. Kaiden grieves Maria’s passing too. So it could be upsetting for people who have lost parents/lovers to violence. The story touches on themes of survivor’s guilt, and has a strong message of retribution and revenge.

Sexual assault (not the Main character).

This is a tricky one to avoid spoilers. The FMC is threatened with Sexual assault, and is chased, however the main mention of sexual assault, is against a dead character. The incident is mentioned by the perpetrator, and partly by a young witness (the lead up/chase/threat not the incident itself).


This isn’t a pretty book, it’s raw, and bloody. It focuses on the feelings, as opposed to explicit descriptions, but it does contain violence against women and men.


This book doesn’t have a small body count. The opening chapter has Nyx losing pretty much everyone she cares about. These are not the only deaths. Both male and females die, but no children or animals.


It’s a little descriptive, but it focuses more on the feelings, the satisfaction / regret that the perpetrator might feel as opposed to the act itself. It’s also weirdly amusing as it’s not your ‘normal’ torture. Think balloons not hot pokers. The scenes with torture are all told from the perpetrators POV.


The main female gets kidnapped with chloroform. She fights back against her attacker but ultimately loses.


Is used as a diversionary tactic. Fire is non-lethal.

Child abuse (flashbacks).

This is mentioned in passing a few times, but not in explicit detail. It is all part of the character’s backstories.