This series is a slow build why choose dark romance. You will follow Nyx, Jason and Kaiden in a race for the truth, after the horrific events at Haven. Along with the mysterious X, who has an agenda of his own, they will take you on a journey to find the truth. But as relationships develop, and the stakes begin to rise, will they find the justice they seek? Or will they lose everything?


    This book contains:
    A bloodbath, obviously.
    A sprinkling of secrets.
    A dash of sexy.
    Lots of drama.
    Fire, which is cool right?
    Big dick energy,
    and a lemon zester.

    Everyone wants to know who is behind the hit on Haven.
    But they will learn so much more than they had hoped as secrets are revealed.

    Lines will be drawn, and decisions will have to be made.Just how important is the truth? And how far are they willing to go for revenge?

  • eBook of S.F. Rae's Blood Ties novel. Skull book cover with faint flowers on the background


    Bullets have been fired.

    Pasts have been revealed.

    Secrets uncovered.

    But that's only half the story.

    Everyone wanted to know who was responsible behind the hit on Haven.

    But they have learned much more than they had bargained for.

    What started as a quest of revenge, is now a deadly chess game.

    And the clock is ticking.


    What started as a hunt for the truth,

    became a tale of revenge.

    With the body count rising,

    and the end goal in sight.

    The stakes have never been higher.

    Things are a whole lot more complicated.

    They are not the big fish in the small pool any more, instead the sharks are circling.

    But you know what they say about cornered animals.

    That's when they are most deadly.

    With their own survival on the line, will they manage to get the revenge on Maria's killer they so desperately crave? Or will they be joining her instead?


    All In.

    All or Nothing.

    This is the end.

    It feels like an eternity since this bloody tale for revenge began.

    Secrets have been revealed.

    Blood has been shed.

    New alliances formed.

    Relationships have grown.

    But is it enough?

    Revenge comes at a cost, but who will pay the ultimate price?


    This will be a prequel to the trilogy. Which will focus on Maria's life. So many secrets were revealled, but just why did she do what she did? This book will add a whole new POV.

  • Deleted Scenes Novella

    There are so many scenes that didn't make it, or extra epilogues that I just couldn't keep to myself. All those stories will be found in this collection for the readers who just aren't ready to say goodbye to Nyx, Creed, Kaiden, X and Jason.