Works in Progress

Please keep checking back for series updates, and future projects.

Blood Shed

Book Four in the written in blood series

This will wrap up the story we have been following so far. Our quest for answers has become a mix of revenge and pure survival. But will everyone make it out alive?

Due end of 2024

Salvations Inferno

Standalone written in collaboration with rae's readers

This is the WIP inspired by you. Over christmas we had a party over on facebook where you created the character and crafted the book you want to read. My job is to pull all those ideas, and craft a story.

Currently in the Draft one stage but will be released 2024.

Riddle Me This

A m/m paranormal romance

This one is a little bit different to my debut series. It's about a sphinx shifter with a love of humanity.

Ra created a pocket dimension to keep his shifters away from human greed. Madu is a shifter who wants to feel the spark of humanity for himself, so he runs away. What he wasn't banking on was running straight into the path of the bitter Detective Owen Colby.

This was going to be a novella but the story was growing too big so it will be a full length novel.

Current word count 20,000 / 60,000